Old WhatsApp messages can no longer be read as of May 15th (unless …)

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There has been a lot of work on WhatsApp lately. The company, which is owned by Facebook, announced that it will change its terms of use. Something that many users disagree with and turn around due to close cooperation with the parent company.

The chance of more users leaving WhatsApp in the coming days is very high. The platform announced that everyone must accept the new terms. is not it? Then you lose access to your messages.

Anyone who does not agree to the new terms of use by May 15, 2021 will lose access to their messages. From that point on, it was possible to see notifications and make calls, but reading and sending messages was no longer possible. If you decide to accept the terms at a later time, you will be granted access again.

By the way, you must accept these terms within a few weeks of May 15, 2021. If you don’t, WhatsApp will delete your account completely. So the conversations I’ve had in the last few years will be gone forever. So WhatsApp will not work anymore from that moment onwards.

WhatsApp has seen more and more users leave for the competition in recent weeks. This has to do with the renewed Terms of Use that will originally come into effect from February 8, 2021. Due to the hype around these new conditions, and the fact that WhatsApp believes it is a misunderstanding, the deadline has been changed. The new terms will take effect from May 15, 2021.

As more and more users turn to services like Telegram and Signal, WhatsApp is making an effort to explain the new terms as clearly as possible. Last week, for example, the company released a new explanation for the second time in no time. According to the company, not much will change, but the new circumstances really show something different.

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