Oldest teeth found in fish that swam more than 420 million years ago | Sciences

An ancient set of teeth was found in China. Scientists believe that the teeth found in the fossils of a fish are more than 420 million years old. Such ancient teeth have never been found before AP.

Fossil of Silurian. That is the period that occurred about 419 million to 443 million years ago. At that time, the Earth was wetter due to rising sea levels.

Scientists have long suspected that fish developed teeth and jaws at that time. The discovery of fossils supports this claim. Silurian is usually very difficult to research, because almost no ancient fossils have been found.

Paleontologist Matt Friedman told me, “Many fossils don’t give a complete picture of the physical changes. We’re just talking about a little backbone here, some scales there.” AP.

According to scientists, new discoveries also show other (physical) changes. This allowed the fish to adapt their “diet” through the teeth, and their bodies also changed, by developing new fins.

The fossils were found early in 2019, among a group of rocks. Chinese researchers say they have also discovered a new species of fish from the Silurian. For example, a shark-like species with a bony shield near the head was discovered.

The results were published in the scientific journal temper nature.

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