Olympic athletes should be careful in Beijing: protests could lead to penalties | sports

The employee made his remarks during a digital meeting of the Chinese Embassy in the United States. He said penalties could include losing an athlete’s accreditation if he was found to have acted in violation of the Olympic Charter.

In the run-up to the Games, there was criticism from various countries regarding China’s violation of human rights. That is why influential sporting nations such as the United States, Australia and Great Britain have decided to boycott diplomacy. They don’t send government officials to the games. There is no doubt about the sports boycott. The Netherlands also does not send a government delegation to the Games, but it has not publicly supported a boycott of the United States, among other countries.

The International Olympic Committee gave athletes at the Tokyo Olympics last summer space to express their political or social views, but also emphasized that any form of protest or political or religious propaganda during the Games and when honoring on the podium or in the athletes’ village remained prohibited. . Dick Pound, a member of the International Olympic Committee, said in December that athletes are allowed to express themselves during the Games in Beijing, but must abide by the laws of the host country.

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