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Harlem Uniek Sports Uitleen has been open in Haarlem since 1 June. With this loan, Harlem residents with a physical disability can try and use athletic aids. The Uniek Sporten Uitleen was launched during the Local Sports Convention Conference by one of the best and most successful semi-sports athletes in the Netherlands: hand-wheel biker and triathlete Jetze Plat.

Getzy Platt, born with immature legs, told Congress how he used his arms from an early age to make up for his legs. Platt: “At one point, my parents faced the choice of letting me go to school in a taxi or to see how I could do it myself. Then they saw a manual bike, which was not very popular at the time, and chose it. I am still grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity, Which allowed me to build my own world.”

That medal gave me strength and made me proud

Jetze Plat is now a semi-successful athlete in hand cycling and triathlon: he’s been 11-time Dutch champion, four-time best in Europe and eight-time world champion. He is also a multiple Olympic champion. In 2012, he just missed the podium, in 2016 he won the gold (triathlon) and bronze (road race) and at the 2021 Tokyo Games he took three gold medals in four days: in the triathlon, time trial and road race. However, Platt still cherished his first medal. “I didn’t get it because I got on the podium, but because I made it to the finish point in first place. That medal gave me strength and made me proud. Gradually I got better, from last to penultimate, from penultimate to second to last, and so on.”

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Platt also played water polo in his youth, on a team that included healthy athletes. The association was hesitant at first, but his parents insisted: “Let him try it, if after two months it doesn’t work, we’ll stop again.” It turned out to be good and played with great pleasure for many years. Platt: “I understand and understand very well the barriers to starting as an adaptive athlete. There is fear and a lack of knowledge and resources. I think it is great that Uniek Sports Loan is now available in Harlem, so that that barrier is removed and as many people as possible can use the power of the sport.”

loan At Uniek Sporten Uitleen, people with physical disabilities can try and use sporting aids. This could be figuring out which sport suits that person best. But also to bridge the period when someone waits for funding for such assistance (eg from the Social Support Act). The loan also provides advice on use, tools are tailored to personal needs and technical service and maintenance are available.

The Uniek Sports Loan is available to Harlem residents starting June 1. The loan is also active in the municipalities of Felsen, Blumendale, Heimstead and Heiligum. For more information, go to www.unieksportuitleen.nl

Need help or support? Contact Dennis van der Snoek, Modified Sports Coordinator at SportSupport: [email protected]

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