Olympic Games Saturday, August 7: Which Dutch?

The Netherlands will finish more than thirty medals at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (the record was 25). And we haven’t gotten there yet. Who are the Dutch players who will take the game on Saturday 7 August, the penultimate day of the Games?

Cyclist Harry Lavrysen is seeking his third gold medal, which he hopes to retrieve on Sunday. Athlete Sivan Hassan hopes to add another gold medal to her total after the gold and bronze. At first glance, they are the two top contenders for Olympic medals in Tokyo. But there is more. metro Like every day, list all the Dutch athletes in Tokyo and their starting times.

Dutch Olympic Games programme, August 7

11 pm: Marathon (women)

Andrea Delstra and Jill Holtermann run the Olympic Classic for 42 kilometers and 195 metres. They start Dutch time on Friday.

fact: The area where the Olympic marathons are held is experiencing a heat wave. So the women’s start was given for one hour. Because temperatures are expected to rise in Tokyo, the organization has moved this system to Sapporo, where the climate is usually milder. The temperature is expected to reach around 33 degrees in Sapporo on Saturday, although the women’s marathon will start early. Andrea Delstra made an ingenious hat in which she could put ice cream. At beverage stations, Dutch athletes are given nylon socks with ice, which they can put around their necks.

12:30 am: golf (women)

Anne Van Dam, Singles Day 4 (Closing).

fact: After two mediocre days, Van Damme put in a good performance in the third round of the Olympic golf tournament. She only needed 69 strokes, two short of the track average. Van Damme climbed to 55th in the general classification. Those are four better places than they were after day two, but still in the back of the field.

Bald water makers go to it again in Tokyo

4 a.m.: Water polo (women)

Holland – Australia, a battle for the fifth and sixth places.

fact: The orange water polo players didn’t feel like playing the consolation finals after the elimination against Hungary. However, the sporting duty was done on Thursday. China was defeated by a wide margin, 13-6. A fifth place in the Tokyo Olympics is now the highest attainable level.

8.30 a.m.: Cycling (women)

Shanne Braspennincx, eighth final race. The quarter-final matches will take place from 9.39 am.

fact: The morning after her gold race, Braspininx had to (or be allowed) to return to work at the Olympic track in Tokyo. It went smoothly in the first rounds against two Chinese riders. In the eighth finals, Olympic champion Keren Raspininks will meet Ukraine’s Starikova.

What time does Harry Lavraison start his way to third gold?

08.48 am: Cycling (men)

Mattis Boschley and Harry Lavrysen, Keren.

fact: Shanne Braspennincx showed the quick men in orange how to finish the Kirin cycle: with gold. Boschley and Lavriesen already had a gold medal in their pocket. They won it admirably in the team race. The latter was brilliant yesterday in an entirely Dutch final and therefore unique in the race. Lavreysen has already won two gold medals, but he is still hungry for more. Will Boschley and Lavrijsen qualify for the quarter-finals on the last day of the Olympics?

9.55 a.m.: Cycling (men)

Jan Willem van Skipp and Yori Havic, Madison finalist (association race).

fact: Havic also raced a road race at the start of the Tokyo Olympics. Buc helped Mollema, among others, who finished fourth. Now Yoeri Havik can finish his games with a final in the ring.

12 noon: dressage (jumping)

Holland in the final showjumping teams. With Maikel van der Vleuten on the Beauville Z, and Marc Houtzager (Dante) and Willem Greve (Zypria S).

fact: The Dutch show jumpers qualified in the last minute with great difficulty for the Nations Cup final at the Olympic Games. Maikel van der Vleuten secured a spot among the top ten nations on the final stage with the Beauville Z. Van der Vleuten himself has already won a surprising bronze medal in the singles jumping championship this week.

Once again Sivan Hasan in the Olympics

12.45 pm Athletics (women)

Sevan Hasan, 10,000m final.

fact: After Hassan’s brilliant gold in the 5,000m, everyone who sat in front of the TV on Friday was hoping for a sequel. The 1500m medal came (bronze). Kenya’s Faith Kipigon, who extended her Olympic title from this distance, and Britain’s Laura Muir were very fast this time.

2.30 pm: Relay (women)

Holland in the final 4 x 400 metres.

fact: Athlete Fimk Paul is in good shape. She has already proven this with her bronze medal in the 400m hurdles at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It was also shown in the 4 x 400 meter series. 21-year-old Amersforci led the team with an impressive performance in the final round to Saturday’s final. This was necessary to qualify for the final. Paul scored a time of 49.14. For comparison, her Dutch record is 50.37.

2.50 pm: Relay (men)

Holland in the final 4 x 400 metres.

fact: The Dutch men’s team reached the final at the Tokyo Olympics with a Dutch record of 2.59.06. For the first time, runners dived under 3 minutes. Jochem Daubert, Terence Agard, Tony van Diepen and Angela Ramsey finished fifth in the first two series behind the USA, Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago and Italy teams. Orange athletes still go to the final in fasting time.

Any chances of getting medals in Tokyo on Saturday?

Adequate! Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in the following sports with the Dutch: marathon (women’s), golf (women, unfortunately there is no longer a chance), couple race (men, cycling on the circuit), equestrian sports (jumping teams), athletics 10,000m (women) and twice in the relay (4 x 400 meters for men and women).

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Gone (9)! Added another Olympic hockey title, hockey orange is never enough

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