Olympic Games Sunday, August 1, which are the Dutch?

Will Ranomi Krumwidjogo do it again at the Olympics? Will the hockey men in Tokyo finally shine and will they surprise mighty Australia in the quarter-finals? Will sailor Marit Baumeister win a medal?

Three questions fit into the Olympic program on Sunday. metro Again, list all Dutch athletes who play and their starting times.

Dutch Olympic Games programme, August 1

00.45 a.m.: Equestrian sports (racing, plowing)

Merel Blom (on The Quizmaster) and Janneke Boonzaadjer (Champ de Tailleur), across the suburb.

Fact: Blom and Boonzaadjer rank 21 and 30 respectively in the middle ranking after the dressage portion. The latter enjoyed her first Olympics anyway: “It was cool, I thought it was really cool.”

2:40 am: Contraindications (women)

Irene van der Reijken, 3,000 metres, series.

fact: Van der Reijken qualified for the hurdles race in Huelva, Spain in 9.27.38 minutes, the limit for the Olympic Games in Tokyo was 9.30 minutes. With the new first season, the 27-year-old Rotterdam has fallen well below her record in the Netherlands.

What time does the swimming finals start in Tokyo?

3:30 am: Swimming (men)

Tom de Boer, 50m freestyle finalist.

fact: The Dutch record holder swam for the eighth time in the semi-finals. That was enough to qualify for the final. Jesse Potts was 12th and was eliminated.

03:37 am: Swimming (women)

Ranumi Kromwedjogo, 50m freestyle final.

fact: Groningen (30) has already reached the final in a short distance for the third time. Cromovidjogo won the gold at the 2012 London Olympics, as well as the 100m freestyle. At Rio 2016 she was out of medals.

03.45 am: Contraindications (men)

Liemarvin Bonevacia and Jochem Dobber, 400m series.

Will it be a thing with men’s hockey at the Olympics?

5 a.m.: hockey (men)

Holland vs Australia, quarter-finals.

fact: The Orange team lost 3-1 on Friday in the “Neighbor Dispute” against the Germans. With that said, Orange did self-harm, but wasn’t really in good shape in Tokyo. The Netherlands is now fourth in Group B and therefore has to compete against the winner from Group A. The other three quarter-final matches are Germany-Argentina, Belgium-Spain and India-Great Britain.

From 05:05: sailing (women)

Lubeck Berkhot and Aphrodite Zeiger, 470, race 7 and 8.

fact: Berkhot and Zeiger are ranked 11. Lubke Berkhot is now 40 years old and already has two Olympic medals at home. At the 2008 Games (Beijing) she took the silver with Marceline de Kooning in 470. After four years with Lisa Westerhoff, bronze in London.

08:00: Diving (women)

Inge Jansen, 3m long plank.

fact: After Daphne Jongejans, Jansen was the first Dutch diver in an Olympic final. Edwin’s sister Daphne (coach Inge Janssen) achieved it in 1988. Dutch hopefuls in Tokyo qualified to be No. 9 for the final.

From 8.05 am: sailing (men)

Nicholas Hainer, Finn, Race 9 and 10.

fact: Hainer of Enkhuizen is fourth in the standings. Before Finn, he sailed into a laser class. He became the world champion in Spain in 2014.

8.30 am: Water polo (women)

Holland – Canada.

fact: Dutch water polo players beat South Africa by a wide margin. On their third appearance in Tokyo, they won the second match after the first loss, 33-1. This is the highest water polo score ever achieved at the Olympic Games. Orange can no longer miss the quarter-finals.

8.33 a.m.: sailing (women)

Marit Baumeister, laser beam race medal.

fact: After three good races on Friday, Marine battled Marinette Baumeister on her way back to the Olympic sailing championship in the Laser Radial class after a bad Thursday. As the medal race continues, she is in second place. “It was a big fight. With light winds, it is important to choose the left or right position. I am happy with the way things went,” Baumeister said after the races. The Olympic medal winner in Rio (2016) is giving herself a good chance of winning another medal.

1.01 pm: Hurdles (women)

Nadine Visser, 100m hurdles semi-finalist.

fact: Visser hit the first fence in her series of 100-meter hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics with her knee, but she didn’t notice. “I was in pain, but it wasn’t until after the race that I was told I had hit that first hurdle,” said Hornsey, 26. With second place in her qualifiers with an excellent time of 12.72, Visser qualified for the semi-finals.

2.15 pm: Hurdles (men)

Nick Smedt, semi-finals, 400m hurdles.

fact: Smedt failed to break the Olympic limit of 48.90 for Tokyo. However, he had collected enough points to move up the world rankings so much that he still qualified. He is a three-time Dutch champion.

3 pm: Beach volleyball (men)

Alexander Breuer / Robert Meusen – Anders Mull / Christian Sorum (Norway), quarter-finals.

Are there any chances of getting a medal in Tokyo on August 1st?

Not as much as the previous days, but still. Only gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in the finals with the Dutch in and out of the water. This relates to the 50m freestyle (Ranomy Kromwidjogo and Tom de Boer), sailing (Maret Baumeister) and diving (Inge Janssen).

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