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De Grasse wins Olympic gold in the 200m

3:12 pm Andre de Grasse won the 200 meters at the Olympics. The Canadian athlete set a new Canadian record of 19.62 seconds in the final by defeating Kenneth Bednarek and world champion Noah Lyles, both from the United States. Bednarik won the silver with a score of 19.68 and 19.74 LEs

De Grasse accelerated in the last 100 meters and passed Bednarek, who got out faster from the corner. It’s De Grasse’s first gold medal at the Olympics. At the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, the Canadian won silver in the 200 meters and bronze in the 100 meters. De Grasse also won the bronze in the 100 meters from the Tokyo Games last Sunday.

Italian chasers with a world record in the Olympic gold medal

11.27 am: Italy won the gold medal in the team pursuit at the Izu Cycling Track. The Italians defeated Denmark in the final in a world record: 3.42.032. It was a little faster than it was on the first lap when Simone Consone, Filippo Gana, Francesco Lamon and Jonathan Milan already hit 3.42.307.

The Danes also remained lower than that old period, but 3.42.198 was only good for silver. Denmark reached the Games as the world record holder with a score of 3,44,672, leading a year and a half ago at the World Cup in Berlin.

Bronze went to the Australians, who saw the New Zealanders expel themselves with a fall.

The injury also knocks Samuel off the 4×100 . relay chain

11.19 am: Athlete Jamil Samuel will not start at the Olympics in the 4x100m series. Last week, the 29-year-old Amsterdam sprinter decided to cancel the 100 and 200 meters races due to a hamstring injury.

It is not yet clear if Samuel can start in the final final of the relay. She is usually a regular runner in the Dutch quadruple relay. There are still 5 Dutch athletes available for the 4x100m race: Daphne Schippers, Marej van Hoenenstein, Nadine Visser, Naomi Sydney and Leonie van Vliet.

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“I’m going to shout my team to the finish line and hopefully I can get into the final,” Samuel wrote on Instagram.

Samuel (29 years old) attended the Olympics for the third time. In London 2012, she placed sixth with the relay team in the 4×100 metres. At Rio 2016, she did not get past the first round in the 200 meters and was also eliminated in the first round with the relay team.

The girl from Amsterdam is “only” 29 years old, but she has been at the forefront of athletics for a long time. She has also competed in five world championships and four European outdoor championships. Highlights were the individual bronze in the 200 meters at the 2018 European Championships, and she also won the European gold and silver in the 4 x 100 meters relay. In March, she was surprised by the bronze in the 60 meters at the European Indoor Championships.

Lubeck Berkhut and Aphrodite Zeiger took 10th place

9.50 am: Sailors Lubke Berkhut and Aphrodite Zeiger finished 10th in the Olympics. They finished ninth in the 470th class final medal race and lost another place in the world rankings.

Britain’s Hannah Mills and Eliade McIntyre sailed Enoshima Bay to win a gold medal. Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar of Poland had to settle for the silver. Camille Lecointre and Alois Returnaz returned to France with a bronze medal.

“We came in as medal candidates and we didn’t succeed,” Zeiger realizes. “I have fallen into a trap myself. I am a fighter. But it has to be different and that only comes when I take a step back and focus not on the end result but on the process. I had a particular difficulty with the fact that the weather didn’t work out.”

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“I continued with Anneloes van Veen right after fourth at the Rio Games,” continues Zeiger. But the cooperation was very messy and we stopped 1.5 years before the Tokyo Games. Then she continued with Lobke as a crew. Then covid over it. What a trip. I’m finished now.”

“Looking back now, I’m so grateful that Lobke wanted to get on the boat with me,” Zegers says. We won a silver medal, a gold medal in the World Cup and a bronze medal in Europe. We’ve always competed in the top five and are now in the top ten in the games. So I’m proud. But it will take some time to sort this out.”

“But there is a fire still burning inside of me,” Zeiger says. “As a 12-year-old I dreamed of an Olympic medal. I want it so much. This is my weakness too. But I enjoyed the journey with Lobke. I need to relax and not always think so I distance myself now. It is still unfinished business, but this journey ends here And now.”

Basketball player Bao and swimmer Pellegrini on the IOC Athletes Committee

08.24 am: Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol (41) and Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini (32) earned a place on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Athletes’ Committee. Gasol and Pellegrini have competed in the Olympic Games five times. Polish cyclist Maja Luschowska and Japanese fencer Yuki Ota also garnered enough votes to join the athletes’ commission. They are now part of it until the 2028 Games in Los Angeles.

The athletes’ representation currently consists of seventeen members, with former Zimbabwean head swimmer Kirsty Coventry. Not a single Dutch athlete is on the committee, and the Netherlands also had no one among the 30 candidates for the four places available.

Athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics were able to vote in eleven locations, including the Olympic Village. It was used by 6,825 Olympians. According to the International Olympic Committee, participation was more than 60 percent “one of the highest rates ever”. Elections were first held at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

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The first transgender person in the Olympics to end his career

4.46 am: Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard ends her career. The 43-year-old New Zealander did just that a few days after her performance at the Olympics. Hubbard was the first transgender person to compete in the Olympics.

Hubbard’s post sparked much discussion. Competitors saw it as having an advantage because she was born as a boy. However, Hubbard was fired early.

“The age has caught up to me. In fact, if we’re being honest, she probably outdid me some time ago,” said Hubbard, who was 20 years older than most of her competitors.

Hubbard praised the IOC for showing “moral leadership” for its participation and hopes to continue the debate on transgender participation.

Sweden and Canada want to postpone the football final

3.12 am: Football players in Sweden and Canada have asked the Olympic Games organizers to move the final. Because of the expected heat in Tokyo, they prefer to play Friday’s final later in the day.

The temperature has already risen to 40 degrees Celsius in some stadiums this week. With the final kick-off at 11am local time, both teams are nervous.

“It’s mainly about the health of the players, but if we have to play at eleven in the morning, we’ll be ready,” says Sweden coach Marika Domanski-Livors. “However, it should be clear that we could do much better if we were allowed to play later. Team Canada has the same opinion.”

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