Olympics – Hockey – Argentina, Spain advance to men’s quarterfinals, India wins

Olympic champions Argentina qualified for the quarterfinals of the Tokyo 2020 men’s hockey tournament on Friday with a 4-1 victory over New Zealand. Argentina now face Germany, who beat the Netherlands 3-1, and have a chance to avenge their defeat in the 2016 Olympic semifinals against Los Lyons.

The South American team, which played Friday’s game knowing they needed to win to advance, returned shortly after New Zealand opened the scoring in the first quarter. They then took a 2-1 lead in the first half before the break with two more goals to go.

“That’s why I think we are Argentines, we are fighting for everything. With life, with the economy, with politics, in everything,” said senior Augustine Masili. “This is how we play. When we are under pressure, we play better.

Argentina joined Spain in the knockout rounds and scored a last-minute draw against Australia, winning the group, giving them the equalizer they needed to continue. The quarterfinal is Spain against Belgium, which ended in a 2-2 draw with Great Britain on Friday, while Australia qualified against the Netherlands.

The Indian women’s team, which keeps the South Asian Olympic dreams alive, beat Ireland 1-0. The South African men’s team failed to get out of their group as they lost 4-4 to Canada. The German men qualify for the play-off round in this draw.

Senior Spaniard Alvaro Iglesias Marcos said it was unbelievable that his team scored a late penalty to end the game 1-1 against Cocopras. “We knew it would be the toughest game on the team and we played a perfect defensive game,” he said. “Eventually we got the chance. We got it, so it’s perfect.”

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The Indian men’s team defeated Japan 5-3 to face Great Britain in the quarterfinals. India wins

In the women’s event, Navneet Kaur gave India its first win in four matches. “After missing so many chances, we finally scored. It was fantastic,” Kaur said.

“Now we have more confidence in the next game.” India and Ireland, who are making their debut in women’s hockey, have three points in their group.

However, the Irish are in fourth place – which is enough to secure a ticket to the play-offs – thanks to a better goal difference. Both teams still have one game to go and can still qualify based on the team’s final round results.

Elsewhere in the women’s tournament, Germany beat South Africa 4-1.

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