OM claims four years in prison against Hausil in the CBvS – Suriname Herald case

In the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) case, the Public Prosecution office requested four years against Franaz Houssell, the former Director of Legal, Compliance and International Affairs at CBvS, minus the time of custody. A fine of 100,000 Saudi riyals was also required as a replacement for ten months in custody and detention.

The (UVG) prosecutor, Cynthia Klein, held a 36-page request and stated that due to proven facts, the prosecution could not settle for a lighter sentence. The required sentence implies an unconditional prolonged deprivation of liberty. Prosecutors also said Hossell has an essential role to play in all.

Attorney Morwin Dubois indicates to journalists that the prosecution has made it clear on the basis that it believes that the verdict can be handled by the Sub-District Court. Dubois doesn’t want to estimate the required four years because he still thinks his client is innocent. It will soon be his turn to prove his client’s innocence.

The prosecutor described his client’s position of guilt, and now it is up to him to prove the position of innocence. Dubois notes that it’s an insight into the chief officer and views may differ. Now it is up to him to make this difference at the next session, scheduled for June 29.

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