OM: There is no room for using political tools, Brunswijk claimed

Image (c) Screenshot from the ABC Online report.

The Suriname Public Prosecution Service (OM) has responded to statements made by the Vice-President Brunswick in relation to a criminal investigation currently under way.

Brunswick President Chan Santokhi and the Judicial Intervention Team (JIT) warned, Not using state tools To eliminate the people around him and/or political opponents.

The Public Prosecution Office maintains that all investigations are carried out on the basis of its constitutional duties. There is no place here for the use of political tools, as Brunswijk pointed out.

In the case that led to the recent statements in the news, the Public Prosecution Service notes that the Judicial Intervention Team (JIT) is not responsible for the investigation, as Melvin Lynsher noted earlier.

Without going into too much detail about the ongoing criminal investigation, it can be said that Three people were insuredthat their arrest has been lawfully reviewed by the Commissioner Judge and that a preliminary judicial investigation (GVO) is under way.

The Operating Manual unnecessarily stresses that all investigations are conducted objectively and impartially, regardless of persons.

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