Omroep Flevoland – News – Official Opening of De Eclips Youth Center

“We finally have space for the Zeewold youth again.” That’s what Mayor Gerrit Jean Gorter said Thursday afternoon during the opening of the Youth Center in De Eclips. The center should become a kind of second home for the young Zeewolde.

“Young people can go here for fun activities or to chat,” says youth worker Lars Ostland. Gorter: “We looked at what we could offer young people. That’s why we opened The Basement again, we hired two young workers with Lars Ostland and Anders van Essen and with De Eclips, young people now get a new loft, as they always do. To contact “.

The opening of De Eclips is also the start of the youth season in the village. From next week, many activities are planned for the young Zeewolde.

This is news from the local radio service in Zeewold, provided by Bart Boss. Omroep Flevoland and local broadcaster in Zeewolde will be working closely together in the next year to bring more local news. If you have advice, please send an email to [email protected].

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