Omroep Flevoland – News – The Jelies are getting a new TV series about emigration to Spain

The Jelies from Tollebeek can be seen next year in a new TV series by KRO-NRCV. This summer, you’ll follow the family as they migrate south. This means that the Jelies will not be participating in “Een Huis Vol” starting next season.

The Flevolanders became popular with the Dutch after their performance on NPO1’s “Een Huis Vol”, a TV series about large families in the Netherlands. Mother Janneke and father Johan have them nine children. At the end of July, the first week of vacation, the family must be in Spain permanently. “We were there for the first time in 2018, when we only had seven kids and an eighth on the way,” Yanicki laughs. “It was so pure there, that peace, the people and how they treat each other. According to my husband, we do it for the sun, but of course there’s rain too.”

The new TV series might be called Block House Across the Border, but that’s not confirmed yet. “They’re really filming. The search for the village and home. The journey there, the emigration, everything there,” says Mother Gillies. “It’s near Alicante. We bought a farm and we want to put apartments there. These are chalets on wheels. Johan will work as a carpenter-builder.” And the rest? “We’ve already found a school for the kids. Then we’ll enroll them. There’s a lot of emotion. Friends, the football club where we were last week. We get something nice in return.”

We like to follow them.
Company spokeswoman Erin Van Noort says KRO-NRCV has confidence in production. “We’ve already played several seasons of ‘Een Huis vol’ with the Jelies. So we already have a good connection with the family and really want to follow their adventures.” Van Noort says it is not yet known how long the show can be watched on TV. “Of course we can’t look into the future, but we’re hoping for a wonderful, sunny new chapter in their lives.”

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Janneke Jelies is also positive about the possibility. “Of course it’s also very exciting for us, but we assume the best. We’ll have to give it a chance for two years anyway, but if the kids say, ‘It’s not possible, we’re homesick,'” Then we come back. But we don’t assume that.”

The new TV series can be seen next year, the date of the first broadcast is not yet known.

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