Omroep Flevoland – News – The municipality wants to allocate additional funds for Kraggenburg

The municipality of Noordoostpolder wants to spend extra money to turn Leemkade in Kraggenburg into a green street, where there should be plenty of space for recreation. Initially, it comes to more than 14,000 euros. This money is required because the project is more expensive than planned. That is why European support for the project must be complemented.

Conversion is more expensive due to higher raw material prices and construction rates. European support is provided only if the project budget is correct. The city council is asking the city council to approve additional support for the project.

Leemkade Kraggenburg Plan
The plan for Green Avenue in Kragenburg comes from Natuurmonumenten and a number of residents. This proposal includes a new lookout point on the site of the former Beet Bridge and a boat ramp.

The shift is necessary now that agricultural produce is no longer being shipped on board. This is the reason for the loss of the original function of the berth. According to the initiators, a leisure place to stay is a great alternative. The renovation of Leemkade and its surroundings will cost around 460,000 euros.

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