Omroep Flevoland – Sport – Dutch Water Week begins with ONK

The watersports event “Dutch Water Week” has started with its first parts. At the Muiderzand Marina in Almere, this weekend’s Dutch Open takes place in non-Olympic sailing classes such as Moth and Soling.

The world’s best sailors will be in action from Tuesday. Dan will sail the Almere in various Olympic classes as part of the Hempel World Cup Series.

The new event – to celebrate the full breadth of water sports – will be held until 5 June in the southern basin of the island of IJsselmeer. This is the area between Lelystad, Almere, Moiden and Amsterdam. In these places there are all kinds of activities that are related to water sports. For example, Sail-Today—found on IJmeer in Almere—provides catamaran boat training and a support board.

Olympic lessons also in Lelystad
Most Dutch Water Week activities take place in Almere, but athletes will also take part in Lelystad. For example, the Olympic classes IQFoil and Kitefoilen sail in the provincial capital. Athletes will enter the Markermeer waters from Wednesday at Markerstrekdam – on the surfing beach. These two events are also part of the Hempel World Cup Series.

The competitions are held at IQFoil and Kitefoilen in Lelystad, because the athletes there are not bothered by aquatic plants. Under their slabs there is a long fin that ensures the slab rises above the water. Many aquatic plants grow near the Almira, which is not favorable to the flakes because the greenery can stick to the fin.

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