On the way to the 2022 World Cup

In Europe, the European Championship is approaching, but on the other side of the world, concerns are much greater this week. CONCACAF, the football region of North and Central America, is the final stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Unfortunately, Aruba has already been eliminated, but for Suriname and Curaçao, it’s the night of truth!

Let’s start with Suriname. The country is already in South America, but participates in the North and Central American qualifiers. In the group stage, it is tied with Bermuda, Aruba, Cayman Islands and Canada. On paper, Canada is the second strongest country to enter this stage of the playoffs. You just need to leave El Salvador for itself. Let the all-important duel between Suriname and Canada be on the show tonight. Both countries have nine points from three matches, but the goal difference for the two Canadians is much better. That is why only Suriname won tonight, because only the top of each group advances to the next round.

The match between Canada and Suriname will be played at 5:30 PM on the night of June 8-9 and can be watched live on Ziggo Sport for Night Album Among Us.

Curaçao is a little better than Suriname. Led by Patrick Kluivert – Guus Hiddink was not present – the Islanders won 8-0 over the British Virgin Islands last week. Kenji Gorre’s 8-0 extra time was invaluable as they have now scored one more goal than Guatemala. Both countries have nine points from three games, but Curaçao scored another goal, which means they are currently in the lead. The mutual confrontation between Guatemala and Curaçao revolves around the lead. Unlike Suriname, Curaçao needs a draw to reach the next round.

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The match between Curaçao and Guatemala will take place at 2:00 pm on June 8-9.

If Suriname and/or Curaçao finish the group stage as captain, they will not yet be sure of getting a World Cup ticket. There are still many obstacles on the road to Qatar. After the first stage, six winners remained in the group. They play a diptych against another group winner. If they survive this, they will end up in the final stage. Big Streaming: Mexico, United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica. Completed by the three survivors of the qualification, a group of eight is formed. After fourteen days of playing, the top three countries finally go to the final tournament in the oil country.

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