Once for all Swing to 85/85 in Kootwijkerbroek, 22 Mares Steer

Combining two days, it was a long program in the examination of the Kootwijkerbroek’s genealogy book. At least 22 of the 36 mares have earned the Steyr Swing, with the highest score for One for All Swing (All At Once x Krack C) by J.P. Eschauzier and E. Schreutelkamp of Ede.

Jury chair Toine Hoefs was delighted with the daughter of All at One (from Zuchero Swing Elite Sport-dr IBOP-dr D-OC from Krack C), who was born by JP Eschauzier & E. Schreutelkamp of Epe. “A bullishly built mare with a lot of sweat and a nice forehead. She could be a little stronger in the front because she has a good back. The stand could be a bit more generous, but on trotting and lightness she shows a lot of technique and has good posture.” I got 85/85.

Highest mark for O.Cynola M.

The highest point of the day was for O. Cinola M, Jerveaux’s daughter of elite Cynola M before IBOp-dr PROK van Flemmingh. You get 90 points for a canter. “A mare has a well-fitting rectangular shape and a good neck shape. It’s a bit narrow in the forefoot but walks very nicely. The trot has good range but is sometimes a bit narrow in the forefoot. However, the trotting is very good with great technique and a great amount of balance.” In total, O.Cynola, who was bred by J.Mol of Diepenheim and stems from the dam line of dressage stallion Lloyd, who has also produced a number of international show jumps, came in 80/85.

Also 80/85 for Octavia Blake and Ochanthia BH

The result was the same there Octavia Blake, daughter of Kremlin Danish KWPN Choice Champion (by Governor) from Alexia Sollenburg vb pref PROK D-OC by Tuschinski (JAM Marse breeder, Almere). “This mare has nice front sweeps and a lot of forehead. She’s a little strong in the loin and has a sloping crotch but she walks with lots of room and a wide stride. The trot has a lot of flex and at the trot she has good technique with a lot of flex.

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also Oceania Prague I got this result. This is the daughter of Kingston Blue Horses and Forsytha BH ster PROK and was born by Black Horses BV. If we look more into its pedigree, we find the well-known Charette mare, the dam of Nadine Hans Peter Minderhood and the KWPN stallion Kroonjuweel. “The mare is upright, lined up straight and would have had a little more muscle in the neck and a little hollow in the forefoot, so we couldn’t get the score to 85. Walking is good in terms of range and dexterity, at trotting and trotting she has a lot of technique and has posture. Good, resulting in just 85 seconds for all basic gait and posture.”

85 outside

Knights got 85 points for formation. This was to start Aulani MVH (Glock’s Toto jr from Kalani SW Elite IBOP-dr PROK by Grand Galaxy Win, breeder M. Valkenburg from Pijnacker). “A mare that has a good rectangular form and has a lot of forefoot. It may be built a bit downward, and it’s a little narrow in the forefoot, but it walks really well with a lot of flexibility and also showed the necessary flexibility and a lot of range in the trot.”
And also Ovialanda IK I got 85/80. I. Kruts from Ter Aar raised it by crossing Jovian with Ideaulanda TH stb from Chippendale. “A very beautiful horse, tall, straight, with a lot of sweat. It is a little weak in the front and the crotch is a little sloping. The walk has good four strokes and great range, the trot has good range and suppleness and the same goes for the trotting. But what is most striking is the Posture, which is always beautiful with very light withers and feet, for which I got 85 points. ”

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80/80 for Oganita and Obrigada B

Job van Wisel was born Oganita (Jerveaux from Biganita elite Pre IBOP-dr PROK van Uphill. I got an 80/80. “A long-line mare with a lot of forehead could have been a little stronger in the front line. It would have been a bit more advanced in the base. I especially fell in A trot that showed a lot of balance with good technique.

Joyce Lennart grew up with her husband Marcel Sternberg Obrigada b Cross two of her best horses. Sire Iconic B will compete in the International Small Tour, which she also did with dam Authentic elite sport dr PROK. Heves obviously has the mare on his retina. “A long saddled, straight mare with a little tenderness in the foundation, but correct. She always moves very well upwards and has shown a very consistent performance with three good basic gaits and good posture.”

source: KWPN

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