One is blue, not the other: a new flag suddenly flutters in France

For more than a year they can be admired around the French Elysee Palace of President Macron. But this week it fell on the shoulders of the political editor-in-chief of the French radio station Europe 1 take into account. The blue color in the flags is wrong.

In addition to red and white, the flag is now dark blue instead of light blue. Macron writes touching one of our national symbols without saying anything about it. “No one has seen it yet, but it’s a very important detail.”

changed again

The change was implemented on Macron on July 13, 2020, at the request of Arnaud Jolens, director of the Elysee, who had long thought it was a good idea. Macron chose a flag reminiscent of France’s glory years, according to him Elysee vs euronews.

Emmanuel Macron is not the first French president to change the colors of the national flag. Valerie Giscard d’Estaing did it already in 1976. Under his leadership, the original dark shade of blue was changed to a lighter one. In this way, the French flag would have been a better match with the European Union flag, and the logic was.

Macron is now mirroring this change on his own. According to Europe1, the dark blue color of the current flag is more aesthetically pleasing, but there will also be a political motive behind it, with the tricolor flag as a symbol of strength and courage. The flag first appeared at the end of the eighteenth century, during the French Revolution.

In the years since, the three colors have been captured in a variety of ways. Like the painter Eugene Delacroix in his famous work La Liberté Guidant le peuple, or Freedom Leads the People. The painting from 1830, like the flag of that time, is part of the French Pride.

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boost to the population

Elysee Macron was quick to say that the new flag is not a way to bid farewell to “European blue”. According to the spokespersons, there is no anti-European sentiment behind the color change, but it is a “push” for the French people.

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