One of Keanu Reeves’ worst movies has been a huge hit

Keanu Reeves He has been one of the popular Hollywood stars for the past 30 years. But the last decade of his career is perhaps the most interesting.

The actor alternates remarkably often between well-received songs and flops. For example, you have the well-received John Wick movies, but you also have one that flopped Resurrection Matrix. Completely different failed header now works fine on stream: Siberia.

Siberia is hit
Siberia It was released in 2018 and didn’t make such an impact that people practically forgot the movie even existed. It is also one of Reeves’ most well-received films ever.

FlixPatrol is now reporting that the genre has found a place in the top ten most watched streaming service Prime Video in the UK. That period Siberia It has a very poor score of 12 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Enough to land us almost at the bottom of the long list of Reeves films.

Action star shines in the movie Siberia diamond dealer. He travels to Russia to offload some goods that can only be described as superficial in origin. In the end, he ends up in a bad situation as the deal of his life falls apart before his eyes.

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