One of the largest dinosaur species in the world was discovered in Australia

In addition to a list of the latest dinosaur inventions, a new dinosaur species has been discovered – twice the size of the Hollywood identity, according to a new report.

Bee The report was released in Birje on MondayScientists have confirmed the discovery of new dinosaur fossils from the Titanosaurion robot.

From Australian Coperence They are the largest dinosaur species found in Australia and are comparable to the giant dinosaurs of South America. It weighs 70 tons and ranges from 82 to 98 feet.

The robot, nicknamed Cooper, is believed to have lived between 92 million and 96 million years ago in the Cretaceous. Saropods were plant species, including the largest living animals on earth.

Fossils were discovered a decade ago in southwestern Queensland by two property owners, who later opened them. Sympathetic Natural History Museum After the discovery of several sites of titanosaur fossils.

Scott Hocknell, Queensland curator and paleontologist, Scott Hocknell Reuters.

Due to the location of the fossils and their large size, scientists have found it difficult to study them. The Iromanga Museum of Natural History and the Queensland Museum decided to compare 3D imaging with other fossils around the world.

Hagnol He told the New York Times, The flat terrain in Australia makes it difficult to find fossils.

Cooper joins the oldest titanosaur found in Argentinaaapactyl ‘ With the oldest anti-polylex recorded in the latest inventions.

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About 140 million years ago: Discovery of the oldest Titanosaur fossils in Argentina

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This article first appeared in the United States today: Discover the species of dinosaurs in Australia, one of the largest in the world

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