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Every month Vivianne Miedema creates an article for this site Read all her columns here. The Orange Lions’ top scorer will miss the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand this summer due to a serious knee injury.

The 60-year-old will visit Senegal on Thursday and, among others, Vivi Nijnsel of the Brabant Amateur Association, where the public will one day watch next summer’s Women’s World Cup trophy. Samura played in the women’s cup final between PSV and FC Twente at The Hague. He talks to the KNVB management about the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany’s ‘pray’ to host the 2027 World Cup, and he talks about the OneLove campaign.

The KNVB and several European associations hope that their national teams will be able to play with the band OneLove at next summer’s Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The aim was for some European teams – including the Dutch national team – to wear the band at the men’s World Cup in Qatar late last year. However, FIFA threatened the captains with yellow cards just before the first match. Due to strong opposition, the operation was abandoned.

World Cup Schedule
At this year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, the Orange Lions will face defending champions USA in the group stage with the Netherlands playing in New Zealand. Find the complete schedule of Women’s World Cup from July 20 to August 20 here.

“We are now having a very constructive dialogue with FIFA on this,” said KNVB general secretary Gijs de Jong. ,, We previously had a serious conversation with President Gianni Infantino in Paris and we talked about it again during the Congress in Rwanda. Let’s do it again in the coming days with Fatma Samoura. We hope to be able to clarify more in a short period of time,” he said.

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De Jong sees Zamora coming to the Netherlands to speak as a ‘positive signal’. “They are looking for us in this matter. After Qatar we said: never again, we can all do better than this. We have learned things, but also FIFA according to the signals they give. We all have the same goal: to include everyone and make football ‘open’ to everyone.

The Netherlands will nominate five venues for the 2027 Women’s World Cup

The Netherlands will nominate five stadiums to FIFA for the 2027 Women’s World Cup. Four of these stadiums would be used by the Netherlands, along with Germany and Belgium, should the tournament actually be awarded. In that case, both Germany and Belgium will get three host cities, said Gijs de Jong, general secretary of the KNVB football association, during a meeting in Zeist.

FIFA requires that World Cup matches be played in stadiums with a capacity of at least 20,000 spectators. “So we have written to all the stadiums in the Netherlands that meet this requirement,” de Jong said. “Utrecht is the only one that has publicly indicated that it will not participate.” De Jong believes that stadiums such as the Johan Cruyff Arena, De Quyb and Phillips Stadium could also be used during the World Cup.

FIFA requires a minimum attendance of 65,000 for the finals. “It really means automatically going to Germany, because there are only stadiums of such capacity,” said De Jong, who believes the demands for the opening match will be lower. “It will be a good puzzle. Of course we want the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to play all their group matches in their home country.

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The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany sent a signed agreement to FIFA on Wednesday, officially confirming their candidacy. The deadline is December 8 to submit a detailed ‘bid book’ with all projects, proposed host cities and source of funds. FIFA’s 211 member nations will decide on May 17, 2024, where to host the 2027 World Cup. Competition comes from Brazil, South Africa and combined bids from the United States and Mexico.

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