Ongoing conflict between Apple and Fortnite maker far from over, appeal in lawsuit | Technique

Epic Games, the maker of the popular online game Fortnite, is appealing a ruling in the pending case against technology group Apple on the App Store. While Apple suffered a setback in this case, the judge did not describe the company as an “illegal monopoly,” as Epic has demanded.

The judge ruled that Apple must allow developers to make purchases outside the App Store. This directly affects Apple’s revenue. Epic has found that the up to 30 percent commission Apple charges on all app sales, subscriptions and App Store purchases is disproportionate. Last year, Epic decided to run its own payment system in Fortnite, which goes against the rules of the App Store.

Apple then decided to remove the game from the Software Store. Then Epic accused Apple of monopolistic behavior and took the company to court. However, it ruled that Apple was not guilty of illegal monopolistic behavior. So Epic is not talking about a victory and said it will appeal. “Epic will keep fighting,” CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted.


According to Apple, this ruling on monopolistic behavior is a big win for the company. However, the ruling means that a significant portion of the App Store’s profitability is taken. According to analysts, the App Store brings in more than $20 billion (17 billion euros) annually, with a profit margin of more than 75 percent. Apple is still studying the verdict.

By the way, analysts also say that Apple can handle this loss without major problems, because the total revenue of the iPhone manufacturer is expected to exceed $360 billion this fiscal year.

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