May 26, 2024


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Online sales of “offline” outdoor games have tripled in the Netherlands

Online sales of "offline" outdoor games have tripled in the Netherlands

The fun sports distributor Brookline saw a sharp increase in outdoor game sales in the Netherlands in the last year. Sales of Spikeball and Kanjam games to online stores have tripled in the past year, and demand from physical stores is growing again. More than ever, consumers need offline social contacts and love to move their laptop aside to go and be outdoors.

The young company from Klarenbeek has been barely keeping pace with rapidly increasing demand for several months. Last summer, the distributor added the US brands SpikeBall and KanJam to its portfolio. The games are now sold in 27 European countries. Brookline owner Bass Ten Hoff explains the gaming success: “People want games that are simple but still challenging. This also makes the target group very broad, from top athletes to families.

Weather effect

Dutch weather appears to affect sales more than other countries. While in Scandinavia the games are flying over the (digital) counter in the winter months, in the Netherlands there are more peaks during sunny days and holiday periods.

A Dutch invention

Starting in June, the dealer will also come up with a Dutch invention: YOU.FO, a sports game in which an aerodynamic ring is tossed with specially designed sticks. YOU.FO is played individually or in teams, whether freestyle or in competition. In the Netherlands, YOU.FO can already call itself an official sport, but there is already a lot of interest in the game from other European countries and the UK.


What is Spikeball?
Spikeball was founded in 2008 by American Chris Ruder. The game is inspired by beach volleyball and consists of a circular ground net and a ball and you play two against two. Each team starts on one side of the terrestrial grid. When the ball is served, the team may touch the ball three times before passing it over the net. The unique thing about Spikeball is that once the ball is played, the ball can be played in any direction. Interaction and good coordination between hand, eye and the ball are very important in this game, which is why many (professional) sports clubs use it as a training tool. Video:

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What is kangam?
KanJam, also from America, owes its popularity due to its athletic character and simple game rules, which make it popular with both kids and adults. It takes focus, focus, and teamwork to throw the yellow disc into the black barrel. The barrels are 15 meters away and the two players are held behind a so-called “case”. The challenge is to score by throwing the disc directly into the barrel or by letting your team-mate “confuse” (dip) with a wave of the hand. KanJam was invented in America in the 1980s and has millions of fans all over the world. Video:

What is
The official YOU.FO ZONE team game is played 3v3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 and is self-regulating and self-regulating (no referee). You score by holding the ring with the stick in the scoring area behind the opponent. Teams can challenge each other to play a match on a surface and size of their choice (sand, grass, asphalt, or indoor). YOU.FO is now played in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. There is a web app with tutorials and inspiration. YOU.FO is the winner of the National Award for Sports Innovation and many international awards. Video:

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