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Last year, Malou Gorter was put in the spotlight for her character, Merel eyeballs. Then, she won the award for Best Character in a TV Series. But this year it was the turn of the entire cast. Given a strong fourth season in which both young characters and grandparents excel, the prize was inevitable.

The AD Media Award for “Best Program That Never Wins an Award” is quickly becoming a prestigious one. TV columnist Angela de Young created the award last year with colleagues from AD Media Podcast, because she found it incomprehensible that to here He did not win any award. Prompt was the next award received by the creators of the Gouden Televizier-Ring satirical show.

Presenter Manuel Winderbos of AD Media Podcast visited and presented the award to young actors Susan Rader (Lake), Jonah de Leo (Hansi) and Thor Brown (Chris). There was a small party during the recordings. When Gorter arrives a little later, the trio proudly announce that they have now won him the entire series. “Well, next year again,” joked Fenderboss. He responded, “No, and then a Televizier episode!”

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The jury’s report is entirely by principal Angela de Jong
The jury is again unanimous in its verdict this year: It is a great injustice that this phenomenal drama series never won a prestigious television award. Teenage ups and downs, relationship problems, grief and anxiety about aging grandparents are rarely portrayed in such a recognizable way in a series. Seasons 1-3 were already great, but Series 4 was out of the ordinary.

Of course we are talking about eyeballs. The scripts are great – humor and tragedy are perfectly balanced. Same goes for the cast. The series is also a breeding ground for young talents, who don’t shy away from tackling tough topics like gender issues and depression. And then there’s the undisputed star, character Meryl (Malo Gorter). You must love that woman and her demons.

An Oogappels watch that makes you laugh, puts your problems into perspective, and comforts you, too. As a viewer you can see that you are not alone, you can count on the characters who are experiencing the same thing. TV is then a sweet friend that you can cry with for a while and who metaphorically puts an arm around you.

Eyeballs is television at its finest. More seasons may follow.

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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