OOPS. Hot air balloon crashes into villas in Australia: “Oh my God” (video)

By Editorial Online

Informed firefighters and police arrived at the scene at 7:20 a.m. in Elwood and removed the balloon from the roof. Pilot Braw told local radio station 3AW that the incident was “a little embarrassing” and did not fully understand what went wrong. “The valve that releases the hot air needed to operate the balloon is not properly closed. As a result, we kept losing more heat and it was harder to stay in the air. That’s why I flew so low. I wanted to land on the beach, but we landed 200 meters early.

“Always play”

Passenger Karen, who wanted to ride with her family in a hot air balloon for her birthday, said on ABC Radio that Bra did a “wonderful job” of landing the hot air balloon correctly – even though it hit a few buildings here and there. “He didn’t see the power lines, the cars, some big trees. So we didn’t get aggressive, though we got a big blow. But he was quiet so no one was hurt. He did a great job, really!”

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Chris Caesaris, a local, is gradually getting tired of hot air balloon incidents: “There will always be plays with those hot air balloons.

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