Ooststellingwerf is allowed to build freely within the city in all villages. “This gives us more room to meet the needs of the residents and the plans of the developers.”

Ooststellingwerf has entered into a separate agreement with the county of Fryslân over the housing space in all villages. Initially, the municipality was only allowed to build free inner-city areas in Oosterwolde, Appelscha and Haulerwijk. With the new agreement, urban free construction is possible in all villages.

The Frisian regions periodically conclude housing-building agreements with the county. With these agreements, the county can approve zoning plans. Southeast Frieslin has proposed housing agreements for the county for the period from 2020 to 2030. In these regional housing agreements, there is more housing space for Ooststellingwerf than the county had previously proposed. Whereas in the first proposal there was space for 190 new free inner-city homes and buildings in three villages, the current proposal has space for 320 free inner-city homes and buildings in all villages.

population projections

Population projections are the basis of housing construction agreements. The county will prepare new forecasts in the fall of 2022. Once that is done, housing agreements will be evaluated to determine if shifts are necessary.

Alderman Fimke Hijlkema is satisfied with the separate agreement with the county on free urban construction. “This gives us more room to meet the needs of the residents and the plans of the developers. We really need that space.”

The agreement on free urban construction in all villages is a separate agreement between Ooststellingwerf and the county. The other municipalities in the Southeast region of Friesland have agreed, but are of the view that this agreement should apply to the entire region. So they ask the county to also enable free in-city building in all villages for the other four municipalities within the region.

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