Opening a high school is a good job

A deep bow for the list makers. This is the first thing that comes to mind with reports of high schools across the country receiving all pupils again at least one day a week. Some schools already started yesterday or today, and others will start later this week or next Monday. Time needed to put everything in order – especially for list makers.

The grids are custom made everywhere, and a blueprint cannot be provided. If the school is generous in size, students in one class may be able to study simultaneously in two adjacent rooms. If this is not possible, there are several other options. Sometimes classes are split, with students in school for three days one week and two days the other week. Or we work with morning and afternoon groups. Or perhaps there are large spaces within the school – gyms, ballroom – to accommodate students in one classroom, allowing for a gap of five feet.

A school in Nijmegen was offered NEC Football Club boxes as classrooms

Or maybe it is possible to transfer to an outdoor venue, such as a gym, ballroom, or church? Fortunately, the outside world is thinking. For example, NSG Groenewoud in Nijmegen was shown on the boxes of the NEC football club. “Warm, but not necessary at the moment,” thanks University President Hanneke Arpots sincerely To get the offer. Another school in Nijmegen needed additional space and set up three party tents from the events agency as a class in the schoolyard.

Dr. Nassau College in Assen takes an all-encompassing approach and has fully rented an additional building. It accommodates a group of students with its own teachers, private gate and bike shed. “In this way, 200 students graduated from the school building,” says Chairman Marcel Claverkamp. RTV Drenthe. “This provides space for other students.”

I ate, picked up my phone, or watched Netflix. Sometimes I heard: “You can go.” Then I thought, “Oh yeah, I had a class.”

The only common denominator on all metrics across the country is the fact that schools are made up of pairs of students. Because in this case, the 1.5 meter gap does not apply and this in any case gives some space for the faltering roll makers.

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The second picture that appears is that everyone is happy to be back at school. The students are tired of sitting at home. “It was hard to concentrate,” says student Nathan de Jagger, 15, in DVD. Twentsche Courant Tubantia. Every now and then, I’d walk downstairs to get a reward, pick up my phone or watch Netflix. Sometimes I suddenly hear: “You can go.” Then I thought, “Oh yeah, I had a class.”


Lessons that will be offered at school in the coming weeks do not immediately consist of hard blocks. “We intend to make room for social interaction,” says Kees Smit, director of the Willem Van Oranje College in Wijk en Aalburg. M / de Dordtnar. It is extremely important for students to see each other again. It is not a good idea for children to be seated in isolation at home. Let them play sports, or actively participate in art or music. Above all, let them pay attention to each other.

And they are

In addition, few would have imagined that students would stick to the 1.5-meter gap. Yes, maybe in the classroom and in the hallways. Although there are schools, such as Amstelveen College, they use supervisors to supervise this.

We appeal to everyone’s responsibility. But yes, they are still teenagers

But once abroad? Deputy Principal Shell Millsert of Erasmians gymnasium in Rotterdam does not expect his students to observe these distance rules during breaks, he reported on M / Rotterdams Dagblad. We do not want to be wandering as a kind of police and therefore resort to everyone’s responsibility. But how much do you expect this from teens? Besides: The social event is perhaps the most important thing for children right now.

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“Once the break starts and the bike shed is full, most of the students greet each other with a big hug,” Volkswagen Krant In a report on Amstelveen College. “I’m not very afraid of the virus,” says 18-year-old Marie de Kooning in this newspaper. Together with her friends Romy Chabot and Balder Agile, she learns for a math test. “We are especially afraid of not passing our exam.”

In addition to list makers, teachers and support staff also face a big job, newspapers reported. Teachers must observe two classes live, or teach physically and online at the same time.

Teachers should pay attention to students in the classroom and at home. This way, nobody gets the attention it deserves. ”

High school students are again permitted to go to school at least one day per week. It’s a huge job for list makers, educators, and support staff who really care about their health. “Fellows find teaching online stressful,” says Johan Van Putin, chairman of the board of directors of the Peter Zandt Inclusive School. Daily repair. And now physical education has also been added. This is the biggest challenge. Teachers should pay attention to the students in front of them as well as the students at home, Jan Packer of Calvin College adds in the same newspaper. “In reality, no student gets the attention that he deserves.”


In addition to caring for their students in the curriculum, the teachers and support staff naturally have concerns about their health. “A number of teachers find it exciting to be in front of the students again,” says Chairman Eugene Kramer of RSG Enkhuizen at Nordholland Dagblad. Older teachers care especially about their health, or the health of the people around them. The lecturers are also just people at the heart of society.

If I have to speak clearly in an online class, I’m exhausted after 1 hour. Reading more than two pages is also not possible yet ”

These concerns are not unjustified, as demonstrated in the section on Limburger, Who records the story of a Dutch teacher who – accidentally outside the school – contracted the Coronavirus. She ended up in hospital, and has since been released, but teaching remains disrupted. Not even on the Internet. If I have to speak loud and clear because of an online class, it costs me so much energy that I’m exhausted after an hour. You cannot read more than 2 pages either. And that while she was always healthy. “My condition is not bad and I am never ill. It still amazes me that it bothered me so much.

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In some places in the country, schools may contact the GGD with questions. GGD has deployed in Twente private school teams, according to reports RTV Eastt, who can think of things like hygiene and measures to keep their distance.


Moreover, in schools across the country, everyone, of course, is alert for coughs and strange coughs. Kennemer Lyceum goes a step further and will place “ wrist thermometer poles ” at school entrances, according to reports. Harlems Dagblad. This is in collaboration with VU Amsterdam. Pupils and staff hold their wrist with such a column that records body temperature. “If people hear in advance that they will be checked with their temperature, they will be more careful and will still be at home with a slight increase,” that’s the assumption. Whether it actually works like this will become clear in the near future.

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