Opening of New House Rotterdam: for everyone

It became this afternoon (23-03-2023) New House It is officially opened in Rotterdam and we have been there as of course! Nio House is located in Meent, Rotterdam, a stone’s throw from Volvo and Polestar Studios. You can read how that opening happened below!

A hip idea from the outside

the beginning

On entering my coat was taken and taken to the restroom. This wardrobe turned out to be a coat rack 2 meters wide, but oh well. The main chamber is sort of a large U, with some inconspicuous spaces in the enclosed side of that U. Being the good (and curious little) journalist that I am, I’ve checked those spaces meticulously.

The three Nio models, the ET5, ET7, and EL7, are housed in the main chamber. In addition, in the main room you will find the Nio CafĂ©, the “Forum”, and a corner with Nio Life merchandise such as jackets, jackets, and bottles. The prices for these were disappointing to me. The Forum is a meeting room that can be created in the middle of the room with a ceiling-mounted table and a sliding glass wall.

An abundance of things
Tom Dixon designed things for Nio
busy purpose
Hide behind ET7 quickly

Behind the main hall are several meeting rooms which are creatively named after places in Rotterdam. There is also an open space dedicated to the art gallery, where a local artist creating recycled artworks is now staring. There is also a brightly decorated children’s play area.

the speech

While fiddling with the ET7’s automatic tailgate, I was told “it” was about to kick in. It soon turns out that “this” was a word for the Dutch general manager and co-founder named Jihong. They said a lot of specs and some interesting stuff.

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For example, she said, there are now four active battery exchange stations in the Netherlands, and two are planned. 1.6 million battery changes have already been made worldwide, so the system is scalable, Niu says. An interesting fact is that there are about 100 Nio cars driving on Dutch roads at the moment, but more than 14,000 people have already downloaded the Nio app in the Netherlands.

With this app, you can save points and spend them at one of Nio’s homes on the globe. With this you can, for example, buy goods or order a cup of coffee. That’s funny. During the speech, the speaker joked and referred several times to new models. For example, Mr. Jihong said he hopes they will make a performance car soon. An engineer also said they only used a 5 and 7 so there is still room for more.

Jihong spotted me

Other interesting things

Nio says he’s particularly happy about their competition, and they say they compete together, but they also work together to make the world a greener place. They also say that Tesla is more focused on mass production and standardization, while Nio is more focused on customer contact and the ultimate “experience”.

Talk about a green world. Nio will not start its own service sites Tesla-style. Instead, they partner with Kwik-Fit, and become Nio’s official fitters. Not only is this because it’s more sustainable, it’s also a logical move, says the brand. The first service on a well-functioning Nio is only after 200,000 km. The rest of the maintenance will consist of windshield wipers, cabin filters, tires and engine oil… oh no, not that last.

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Nio wants the Nio House to be a place for everyone. This way everyone can get in and that person doesn’t need to do anything with Nio. You can rent a meeting room, relax with a coffee or cake, and celebrate your birthday (I’m not kidding). Everything is permitted and possible on Nio, space also belongs to Rotterdammer, as they say. At least I know where I’m going to have my next kids’ party.

Open that trade!

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