Orange earns no less than 7.5 million euros by beating Argentina

The Dutch national team will not play football on Friday night only to achieve sporting success in the quarter-final against Argentina in the World Cup. A win and a place in the semi-finals also bring at least $8 million, more than €7.5 million.

The Netherlands has already made $17 million, more than €16.1 million in the World Cup. A place in the semi-finals with a return of at least 25 million dollars, approximately 23.7 million euros. Number 4 in the World Cup gets 25 million dollars. The winner of the consolation final gets $27 million, more than €25.5 million.

The world champion takes home $42 million, which is roughly €40 million. The losing contestant gets $30 million, which is more than €28 million.

The World Cup prize money is $440 million, more than €416 million. Human rights organizations have called on FIFA, so far unsuccessfully, to allocate $440 million into a fund so that migrant workers who have suffered while working at the World Cup can be compensated.

FIFA has also allocated $215 million, roughly €204 million, to club teams who donate players for the World Cup.

The quarter-final match between Orange and Argentina begins at eight o’clock in the evening, Netherlands time, at Lusail Stadium, the largest football theater in Qatar, with a capacity of approximately 90,000 spectators.

Source: National Ports Agency

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