Orange handball player Smits tops Magdeburg: “Measure at the highest level”

Difficulty comparing men’s and women’s handball

Dutch women in handball are not only very popular in their country, but also abroad. All international players play at a high level, with some even being at the absolute top. This is difficult for men to realize.

“The road to the top for men is more difficult than for women,” says Kay Smits, who already joined a big club at the age of 23, such as Luke Staines (Paris Saint-Germain). “It’s a tough comparison.” Act. In the past, Fabian van Olfen (Magdeburg), Mark Bolt (Foch Berlin and Flensburg) and Jerry Ellers (Magdeburg) have all achieved this.

“I find it difficult to determine how we Dutch men can reach this summit. Our women have a prominent place in the world of handball. Foreign clubs are likely to take risks with a talented player who has passed through the handball academy, for example. Then the club knows: she had he had He will train well and be a good player. “

“This image is much lower for men. So the risk is higher. That is why it is so important that we do well as a Dutch team. Then the step to a foreign club is taken faster as well.”

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