Orange learned lessons from a duel with the United States: “Being smarter at converting.”

According to the Atletico Madrid player, the points of improvement are the substitution. “One of the lessons is that we have to be smarter at switching. Whether when you conquer the ball and when we lose it. This is our biggest win point. In the second half against America, things went better. That was much more. I think a win point. “.

Focus on Kosovo

In recent days, the focus has shifted from the world number one game to the number 125 game, Kosovo, Orange’s opponent tonight. Another challenge according to midfielder Sherida Spetsy, who is the title scorer in qualifying. “We will attack a lot and we can improve at that as well.”

Regardless of how you heart or heart, the opposition put forward by the United States, the Netherlands did not have the European Championship qualifiers. It is a world of difference. The Netherlands has been broadly qualified for a long time and nothing is at stake against Kosovo anymore. The question is not whether the Netherlands will win, but to what extent.

The Dutch national team achieved a maximum trouble-free qualification after nine matches, with no fewer than 42 goals in their favor and 3 goals in their own net. After a 7-0 win over Estonia in October, qualification was a reality. The team will defend its title in the European Championship in the summer of 2022.

Al-Orange trained on Monday in the run-up to the match with Kosovo for the last time in 2020.

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