Orange meets migrant workers in the field of training in Qatar

Migrant workers in Qatar have to work long days in often sweltering temperatures, sometimes getting paid late or not at all.AFP photo

Most of them have worked in recent years to build stadiums in Qatar, which will host the next World Cup. According to KNVB, players want to talk to migrant workers.

A KNVB spokesperson says the guest workers concerned have been requested by the international trade union BWI. The situation of migrant workers in Qatar is one of the most discussed topics in the run-up to the first World Cup in the Middle East.

“Initially, we will go to Qatar to become world champions, but of course we are looking beyond football,” said national team coach Louis van Gaal. Over the past year and a half, we have received many updates on the situation in Qatar. As a team, we find it important to meet the relevant people. So we invite them to train us to give them a nice memory as well.”

6500 dead

Since Qatar was awarded the World Cup twelve years ago, human rights groups have been calling for better conditions for nearly that 2 million immigrants Mainly from Asia and Africa working in Qatar. They have to work long working days in often sweltering temperatures, sometimes getting paid late or no pay at all.

Under pressure from organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations International Labor Organization, many reforms have been made in Qatar in recent years. For example, the sponsorship system for forced labor was abolished and a heat protocol established. However, according to these organizations, there is still much to improve.

british newspaper Watchman Last year revealed that since 2010 more than 6500 migrant workers He died in Qatar. At the start of the World Cup qualifiers, the Orange team wore a T-shirt that read “Football supports change”, as an expression of the improvement of the situation in the host country. KNVB is part of a European working group committed to this.

FIFA has participating countries summoned Focus on football during the tournament and not get involved in “ideological and political battles in the world”. However, several participants from Europe indicated that they will also draw attention to the human rights situation in Qatar during the World Cup. It is not known if other teams will meet with the migrant workers in addition to Orange.

Connie Helder

Minister Connie Helder (Sports) is attending the match of the Dutch national team against Qatar in the World Cup in that country on behalf of the Dutch government. Insiders report that the Cabinet has taken a decision in this regard. If the Netherlands qualify for the tournament, it will remain an option for King Willem-Alexander to travel to Qatar.

He. She It was already known That a member of the government will travel to the World Cup, but the names have not yet been mentioned. Given her role as Minister of Sports, it was clear that Helder would go in that direction. The decision to send a delegation is controversial, due to the human rights situation in Qatar.

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