Orange mobile floods rusty Belgium

Orange happy with Denzel Dumfries 3-0, Davey Klassen looks at Boyata not listening.Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

The Dutch national football team played football with enthusiasm, full of action, together and modern, as football can be today. Closed defenses and fast attackers. Sometimes with forward pressing, other times not at all. The difference is in attitudes, in pace.

The speed, power and dribbling ability of Stephen Bergwijn; This is the orange for national coach Louis van Gaal. Or create 0-3, after one defender, Daley Blind, let the other, Denzel Dumfries, score. Football allows Frenkie de Jong to perform in the middle, as the best football player in the country, as an artist. This is also a lesson for Barcelona, ​​who abuses him in all positions.

A strict master requires complete dedication

“They are taking football lessons,” Orange career sang after 0-4 to Memphis Depay. Usually orange was the best. Their backs are pulled forward, and the central defenders cover. Jurriën Timber has everything a modern defender needs; Technique, insight, ruggedness, and speed. Stephen Burgess pass. Kneiterhard, through the opponent’s central defense, as with 0-2 on Friday, such a goal of the perfect counter-attack, executed with the highest tempo. Bergwis passed, sprinter Memphis Depay, to score his 40th in the Orangemen, with whom he shares third place with Patrick Kluivert, behind Van Persie and Huntelaar. And then scored 41.

Davy Claassen fights for the ball between Dries Mertens and Amadou Onana.  Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

Davy Claassen fights for the ball between Dries Mertens and Amadou Onana.Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

The Dutch national team opened the Nations League by no less than 1-4, in the classic Derby Lag Landen derby against Belgium; First win over Belgium in 25 years. Holland were a cheerful-looking team, dribbling, hitting, attacking and doing their best against Van Gaal, the stern master who demands complete dedication. Belgium didn’t feel like it, or couldn’t do a better job, annoyed with the referee and didn’t want to suffer any pain in front of their fans.

Triangle of fun attack

What do you say in light of the Qatar World Cup? Practically nothing. Or okay a little. It’s almost vacation. One footballer makes more sense than the other, but the style of play that national coach Louis van Gaal wants to instill can be successful. With the game, players have shown that they stand behind the game plan. This alone was pure profit. Sure, the supporting players want Georginio Wijnaldum back in the squad, but that doesn’t mean they’re against tactics.

The wing defenders continue to advance and provide dangerous cross passes. Many people move around the center. Frenkie de Jong, often the free man, turns and dribble, the Orange Free State national team of the Netherlands. Memphis Depay and Steven Bergwijn are fast, agile, too much action anyway for the hard, rusty and aging Belgian defenders. Davi Klassen and Stephen Burgess, they always change positions, from observer to striker. Although it would be interesting to see Wijnaldum pass by Van Gaal in this triangle of attacking pleasure, at Lewis 3-4-3.

lottery preparation

In any case. Everything doesn’t make sense in these football times. June is usually crowded with a real cycle ahead. Now the Nations League is the alternative, practice soccer with a sauce of importance, after completing the competition. And soon it will be a short vacation, then the competitions and the World Cup will resume mid-season in Qatar. In fact, preparation is a lottery. Who knows who will be fit later, if the time really comes in November.

Mavis celebrates 2-0 with Stephen Bergwijn 1-0 maker.  Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

Mavis celebrates 2-0 with Stephen Bergwijn 1-0 maker.Statue of Jos Dobelmann / de Volkskrant

Coaches are forced to break free. They deviate from principles, even if he is an outspoken man like Louis van Gaal. Steven Bergwijn didn’t play much at Spurs last season, but he is always the best under Van Gaal at Orange. Decisive in the crucial qualifying match against Norway, she frequently scored five times in the last four matches. Also on Friday when he put the ball well more than twenty meters from the goal, and made a great effort for 0-1. It was a bonus to the dominance of the Netherlands, except for a short stint by the Belgians, where Castañe hit the crossbar.

All went well, with Jorian Timber, Virgil van Dijk and Nathan Ake playing the three centre-backs. Memphis Depay wasn’t very strong until the break, but even then he’s dangerous. Shortly before the end of the first half, he demanded a penalty due to Castagne’s hands, but referee Sanchez looked at the screen and withdrew his decision. It was the postponement of the retreat of the Belgians, who now and then got a chance to shoot, which was distinguished by goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen. Only Batshuayi scored in the last minute. It is very generous. Orange’s next game is on Wednesday in Cardiff against Wales.

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