Orange, USA, Australia and Saudi Arabia still have a good chance of competing in the semi-finals

Calculators and World Cup tables are inextricably linked in the final group stage. A quarter of the table, which includes orange, could become a quarter of the lowest-ranked countries. The semi-finals are lit up in orange!

The Netherlands and the US are in the 1st quarter and that is already known. Number 1 of Group C and Number 2 of Group D will be added. In the case of Group C, it could be Saudi Arabia and Group D Australia.

Group C winner?
If Saudi wins against Mexico and Argentina draws against Poland, we’re already there: Saudi Arabia is the group winner. Another scenario is possible where Saudi Arabia wins big and Argentina narrowly wins the group winners (so Saudi Arabia has a better goal difference than Argentina).

Number 2 Group D?
France will win the group, it is almost inevitable. Australia and Denmark compete for second place (we’re not counting Tunisia). Unless Tunisia pull off a miracle against France, if Australia draw, they are already there. With a win Australia will surely be number 2.

Orange topped the semi-finals
If so, we’ve got a quarter with the Orange (8th in the FIFA rankings), the USA (16th), Australia (38th) and Saudi Arabia (51st). If the Netherlands doesn’t make it to the semi-finals, it’s a failure.

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