Orange vs Dwarf Countries: 94 goals in his favor, 0 goals against

As an international, you get somewhere. On Tuesday, the Dutch national team will meet Gibraltar for the first time in a series of World Cup qualifiers. Orange has never played an official international match against such a small country.

The British land area on the southern side of Spain is only 6.8 square kilometers. More than 30,000 people live there. So a dwarf state. For the sake of understanding: dwarf state is not an official term, but rather an indication of a country with a very small area.

Among the European dwarf countries, Andorra, Malta, Liechtenstein, San Marino, the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar are FIFA members. The first four countries are independent countries, the Faroe Islands belong to Denmark and Gibraltar to the United Kingdom.

How was Orange’s fare against other small European countries? Total balance: 94 goals against 0 goals.

Andorra (468 km; 77,000 inhabitants)

Orange Balance vs Andorra: 6 matches, 6 wins, goal difference 21-0

The victory over the Principality of Andorra, sandwiched between France and Spain in the eastern Pyrenees, gave the Orange team in 2013 the certainty of qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil. It wasn’t easy for National Coach Louis van Gaal’s team.

The score was 0-0 in the first half and Robin van Persie was only in the second half to lead Orange to a 2-0 victory with two goals.

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