‘Organized crime behind the liquidation of a Greek criminal journalist’

Greek authorities suspect that organized crime is behind the liquidation of well-known criminal journalist George Karivaz.

Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Economo, who has fighting crime in his bag, said against ERT Public Broadcasting. He says there is an “open war” between rival gangs, citing as an example a string of contract killings in recent years.


Karivaz may have been the victim of a murder under such a contract, Greek media reported, although the deputy minister emphasized that the motives behind the murder of Karivaz remain unknown. The journalist was buried this afternoon in his hometown of Calivitos, in north-eastern Greece.

Karivaz worked for the Star TV commercial and kept a blog. I regularly pay attention to organized crime and corruption.

He was hit with ten bullets

Friday journalist became near his home in Athens He killed him. It is now known that he was hit by ten bullets. Investigators suspect the killers were behind the murder. Karivaz was hit six times in the chest and twice in the head.

The Greek newspaper reported that police had surveillance photos showing the gunmen Icathimerine. It shows how two men pulled away on a motorcycle after the liquidation.

Further investigations are underway into the reporter’s phone, blog and computer. Greek police already announced on Friday that the liquidation appeared to have been carefully planned. For example, the perpetrators had been waiting for Karivaz at his home for about 10 minutes. They hit when he got out of his car.

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