Originals: Derry Girls are back, Mila Kunis in Luckiest Girl Alive and Who’s the American Mole? – Netflix Netherlands

Netflix releases loads of original titles every week. New series, documentaries and reality series from around the world. These Netflix product titles are often still unknown, but in some cases they don’t last long. We bring you some new original movies every week, so you know what to watch this weekend. And then you can chat right away!

Dairy Girls

The Dairy Girls take us back to 1994, when political tensions made Northern Ireland incredibly unstable. Armed agents and army checkpoints are part of the daily lives of sixteen-year-old Eren and her friends. They’re back on Netflix again, for a final season: the third and final Derry Girls! Season two came out three years ago, and since then we’ve had to wait a long time for new episodes, and for good reason: the busy schedules of the heroes. Nicola Coughlan (Clare in Derry Girls) in particular has a lot to do, in part due to her role as Bridgerton.

the mole

We all know Wie Is de Mol in the Netherlands, of course, but the program is not (or was) as popular abroad. However, in the United States, they are trying to revive the concept with the arrival of The Mole. The concept is the same as in our country: Twelve candidates travel to a location (in this case Australia) where they have to complete different tasks. The objective of these missions is to collect as much money as possible in the pot. One such task however, the participants are the mole and they have the task of putting an end to it.

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The luckiest girl alive

Mila Kunis stars in Luckiest Girl Alive. Ani Fanelli has managed to build a perfect life for herself in New York. But when she’s invited by a director to make a documentary about a horrific incident that happened in her old high school, Vanelli threatens to lose everything she’s worked so hard for… The Luckiest Girl Alive is based on a book, The Happiest Girl in the World. Written by Jessica Knoll.

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