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The Academy Awards will finally be awarded in the evenings from Sunday to Monday (between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. KST). This shift in history – statues are usually awarded in late February or early March – is not the only thing different this year. NU.nl lists everything for you.

The 93rd Academy Awards was rescheduled last June From February 28 to April 25 due to the huge impact of the Coronavirus on the world of cinema. With this decision, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wanted to provide filmmakers “with the flexibility they need to finalize and release their films without penalizing them for something that no one can do anything about.”

The Oscars are broadcasted from various locationsDolby Theater (traditionally the theater) and the Union Station train station lobby in Los Angeles. The show portion takes place at Dolby Theater and Candidates at Union Station. Aside from the candidates and their loved ones, there is no audience present.

There is also a so-called “hub” in London Where European candidates can watch the ceremony. Initially, the academy wanted all competitors to come to Los Angeles, but this was soon criticized for all the travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus.

A record number of 238 documentaries were submitted By the makers hoping to win an Oscar. This is dozens more than in previous years. The documentaries have performed well in recent years, but the increase also appears to be due to changes in the academy’s rules.

For example, a documentary could actually be submitted if it was selected for two film festivals in a list of 22 film festivals – whether or not they take place. Profit at a film festival was also a reason to apply.

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Performances in the cinema were not mandatory this year For films that wanted to compete for an award, of course, because of the Coronavirus, too. If a movie is showing on a streaming service, video-on-demand, or in an indoor cinema, that’s okay too.

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