Osse boat building company has no supplies due to restrictions

Heesen Yachts, Oss’ luxury boat maker, can no longer afford new equipment to build boats. This is due to the fact that there are sanctions against the Russian owner, Vakit Alekbero. Alekberov will no longer supply British machine manufacturer Rolls-Royce as Australia and the UK are on the embargo list.

Russian billionaire Alekberov Heisen is one of the so-called ultimate beneficiaries of boats. That is, he ultimately has control over the company.

Summary activities
At the end of last month, the company tried to remove the Russian, so sanctions would be avoided. To speed things up, Heisen wanted to transfer all Russian shares to a new foundation.

It failed because the Amsterdam notary office did not want to cooperate. After brief proceedings, the judge ruled in favor of the notary office. So Heisen is still teaming up with Alec Bero.

That means Heisen will not be able to get the new equipment to build his boats. “Some of our suppliers are bound by UK laws, which means some of them will not be able to fulfill their obligations,” a company spokesman said.

Friend of Putin
Alekberov was formerly deputy minister for oil in the Soviet Union and made a fortune through the oil company Lukoil, which he founded. Recently, the businessman resigned as CEO of the company. He is also seen as a friend of Putin.

The company in Oss employs about a thousand people.

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