Other times Kiss: “Unknown” Olympic legends and German humor in the snow

“Between snowboarding and cross-country skiing at Nordic Group, photographer Paul Jochem and I were both interested in watching the women’s 1,000m ski on TV in the media room. We sat well at Erin Foust’s last Olympic race and was also curious about Jutta Leerdam. When it was their turn It turned out that we were the only reporters who took an interest in their travels. It was only when the Japanese ladies started that the Japanese journalists appeared on TV. They jumped after Miho Takagi’s gold medal.”

Olympic Land

“Where we looked at skiing says something about how the rest of the world views skiing, especially at the Winter Olympics. Wüst may be an Olympic legend, but in the United States, for example, her name wouldn’t ring a bell. She doesn’t mention the names of other Dutch skiers and snowboarders. On the ice a lot there and among the general public in many other countries. Most of the interest is worldwide.”

“In this regard, Lindsay van Zundert probably attracts the most interest of all Dutch athletes around the world with her freestyle freestyle, given the public’s share of figure skating. With Andere Tijden Sport, we tried in the past to visit Dianne de Leeuw in the USA as the last fighter Olympian for the Netherlands 46 years before Van Zandert. She also carried the flag in Innsbruck. We almost booked tickets to De Leeuw in Florida, but for unknown reasons she still has now It’s great to have a Dutch Olympian in the spotlight outside of track speed skating. Long “.

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