Outlander’s sixth season kicks off in March 2022, but in Belgium…

In the United States it was announced last night that Outlander Season 6 in a first We will continue March 6, 2022. When previous seasons were released, we had to wait exactly one year in Belgium for the new episodes to hit Netflix. Will that be the case again this time?

Outlander Season 6 will premiere on March 6, 2022

For fans of the American romantic drama series stranger from home Countdown. Last night, STARZ TV announced that an all-new sixth season will begin March 6, 2022.

It is not yet known when the sixth season of the romantic drama series “Outlander” will be released in Belgium

that Release date in Belgium We did not have the time to write this report. Previous seasons of the series can be watched on Netflix at the time of writing, but each of these parts has appeared online much later in Belgium than in the United States. What if the S6 will be a long wait again? We don’t know that at the moment. We’ll keep you posted on the planned release date with an overview stranger from home Season 6 on Netflix in Belgium.

The new season will consist of 8 episodes with a very long first episode. Since the 8-episode sixth season is relatively short, the seventh season of the romantic drama will be very long.

The first pictures can already be seen

On Saturday, October 9, 2021, A first pictures by stranger from home Season 6 in a delicious trailer on Stars YouTube channel. You can watch it directly below.

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