Outside without a lofty goal. A goal brings stress

The school’s Kirsten Goss found them ‘brave’ in deciding to travel for several months with her husband and two children aged 8 and 5. According to Koz, at Quiz Elementary School, which is a Range Rovers bumper, many parents do not have the financial means to make such a dream come true. On the other hand: ‘I do not know if we would have been strong enough to give up everything if the right moment had not come.’

That moment came after the sale of her recruitment company. Goss was allowed to choose the goal from his other half. A few years ago I wanted to show my daughters the coral at Ponner. It was disappointing because in many places it was already dead. ‘It’s time for a review, so the family went to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef through snorkeling glasses. ‘It was beautiful, but a lot of corals were affected here too.’ For three months they traveled across the country in camper and jeep. ‘Sleeping in two domed tents on the roof of a jeep outside is the best thing out there.’ No mapped itinerary. “We took off our watches and lived in the sun.” Snorkeling did not meet high expectations, but unexpected gems were returned. Pumpkin Island is like paradise. ‘We were the only ones there. We took wild oysters, baked pizza and canoe around the island. ‘Another suggestion: Nusa Beach. ‘I want to live there. There is a lot of ribbon growth in Australia, but here you also had squares with terraces. We Europeans love it. ‘

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Like a fixed path, a lofty goal is missing. ‘It puts pressure on us,’ Goss says. They spent the last three weeks in the north of Bali, where there was plenty of time to think. ‘After fifteen years of running my father’s business, I realized it was time for something special.’

After her trip she figured out what it should be. We both decided we wanted to work in Amsterdam, so we rented a workplace in Wipadstrat. We ended up being weird as a family. We want to be free every Friday. It gives peace of mind, however we sometimes fall and then work fifty hours a week. But we can change for the better. ‘Does she recommend school parents to travel with children? ‘When traveling safely, they learn more than they do in school. English words, currency exchange. And they learned the tables by jumping on the beach. ‘

Kirsten Goes (45)

Sold recruitmentbedrijf KGU Travel Three months via Australia and Bali There is Works in a startup and works as a consultant for a scallop company

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