Over 1.1 million viewers see two families in I Leave XL chasing their dream | show

new program I’m leaving XL I got off to a good start last night. At the start of the show, more than 1.1 million people saw how two families, not one, chase her dream and go abroad.

Is the address I’m leaving Ring the bell with you? That may be true; Previously, in AvroTros I’m leaving Any pair follows for each loop. In this new XL series, its makers follow only a couple all season.

This is how Rinse and Francine share. The two have been married for 26 years and are eager to move in. And to Bonaire. They decide to follow their hearts and pack, with their son Jean and his girlfriend, to the tropical island. Youngest son Jan will remain in Holland. Rinse and Francine are planning to set up a nursery and also want to build apartments for rent. So work on doing it.

Then there are five others that the cameras follow: Renzo, Hans, his wife Marga, her friend Ada and her animal partner Wim. The group is moving to Italy and wants to turn a huge complex into a large holiday residence and organize group trips. However, they take a big risk: since the sale is not completed yet, all investments they make are at their own risk. “Entrepreneurship is taking a risk,” Hans says.

Both families still have a lot of work to do to realize their dream. It will become clear in the coming weeks how they are trying to achieve this – with all the setbacks that ensue.

Watch the numbers

I’m leaving XL It ranks second in the top 25 most watched shows, with 1,158,000 viewers. The new season of lego pillows It was good for 631,000 spectators. Jamie Le Mans received the baton from Robin Nicolay. At the moment, the show about Lego bricks is much less successful, since the program Nicolai scored more than a million viewers as a benchmark. The eighth news Attracted the most viewers: 1,640,000 people we followed.

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Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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