Over 25 Years In Prison Claim Against Singer R. Kelly

According to the prosecution, R. Victims were subjected to sexual and mental abuse, something that R. Kelly did not regret it during the months-long trial, prosecutors say.

“The accused has abused his position for decades, which has been fueled by narcissism. This gentleman is convinced that the world cannot do without him and that these underage girls should be grateful to him for the opportunity he has given them. R. is a danger to society and must remain locked and keyed. for as long as possible.”

According to Jennifer Bunjian, one of R. According to her, the past of R. Kelly and his character play a big part in this. The lawyer declined to go into further details.

The judge will issue his ruling on June 29. plans t. Kelly to appeal the verdict, but is awaiting the final verdict before he and his lawyers can take action. The singer has so far denied any wrongdoing.

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