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Gas storage facilities in France and Belgium are complete

Last week’s incident further put pressure on gas supplies from Russia. Therefore, European countries are busy replenishing their stocks as much as possible.

For example, the French regulator “Commission de régulation de l’énergie” (CRE) announced on Wednesday that the country’s gas storage facilities are completely full. France has stored approximately 130 TWh of gas. This represents two-thirds of the national consumption in a normal winter.

Belgium has less stock, but it can import a lot of gas from Norway through pipelines. Both countries hope that stocks are now large enough to get through the winter.

In Germany, the largest economy in Europe, the stock has not yet been fully replenished. The German regulator announced that the surcharge is now more than 92 percent complete. Until recently, eastern neighbors were highly dependent on gas from Russia.

And gas storages in our country are more than 92 percent full, reports the European Gas Infrastructure Interest Group GIE. This means that the original goal of filling stocks to 80 per cent by November 1 has been more than achieved. The Dutch surcharge will be supplemented in the coming period.

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