Ozil concludes special agreement with John de Molin Dolpa Eureka

Marble hysteria Creator who incorporated Talpa Best Molly Eureka Productions is expanding its reach in Australia.

Through the agreement, John de Molin Dolpa’s ideas will give US and Australia-based Eureka exclusive rights to sell and produce all forms of Dutch company. அவஸ்தார்கள்On Hunting periodOn Quiz for youOn Hit the road On Children buy houses. This includes: Marble hysteria Launched earlier this year at TF1 in France.

This is Talpa’s latest deal looking for partners to expand its brands around the world. It has previously established similar partnerships with Dok1 Media in Belgium, Satisfaction Group in France and Seven.En Entertainment Group in Germany.

Launched in 2016 by Chris Calvener and Paul Franklin, Eureka now has 35 shows selected, including Australia, the United States and Canada. Best Molly Seven on ABC and Ozil in the United States Nearby dating Netflix and Frogger To NBC Universal Peacock Streamer.

Colvinor, co-CEO of Eureka Productions, said: “John de Mole is a creative force and Eureka Productions is pleased to work with him and the Dolpa team. We look forward to launching a collection of exciting and innovative models of Dolpa in Australia.”

De Mole added: “Creative shows like Holly Molly stand out to me immediately. I look forward to working with the next generation production company. We have a taste for creativity and distribution.

De Mol founded Talpa Network, a radio and broadcasting company, in 2017 before launching Talpa Concepts and Talpa Distribution, a Talpa entertainment product. This followed his success line at ITV Studios, which in 2015 acquired his former company, Dolpa Media.

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Recently, the Dolpa Network van de Mole agreed to form an integrated Dutch cross media group with the RTL Group in the Netherlands.

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