Paid blue checks are causing chaos on Twitter

The blue checkmark has always been a sign of prestige on Twitter. After all, you can’t get it. It is New subscription system, the brainchild of new owner Elon Musk, changes that. Anyone who deposits 8 euros per month will get a blue check mark behind their name. Twitter started this last night, and it immediately caused the necessary confusion.

This makes following a celebrity very easy.

Twitter explodes: Countless fake celebrity tweets pop up

Several accounts are teasing the new feature. For example, former President George W. A tweet emerged, called Bush’s tweet, in which he says he “missed killing Iraqis.” Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair’s quip responded in agreement. Someone followed basketball player LeBron James who announced he wanted to switch teams and there was ‘Nintendo’ who shared a picture of Mario raising the middle finger. A fake Donald Trump account tweets: “This is why Musk’s plan isn’t working.” And a user pretending to be US President Joe Biden responded on another t with an overtly sexist commentWhitethe ear Even Jesus is being tested today.

Click the blue check mark for more information

A blue check mark is not entirely synonymous with celebrities, politicians, journalists and other public figures. If you click on the check mark, you can see if you are a paying subscriber or popular. Twitter is doing everything it can to prevent fake accounts. Musk previously said that any account running in someone else’s name that isn’t flagged as a parody will be banned from anyone without notice. Twitter.

Musk acquired ownership of Twitter late last month. The Tesla CEO made such a payment $44 billion for the platform. He immediately fired the company’s top executives, then laid off half of its 7,500 employees. With the new Subscription service He hopes to generate much-needed income. Don’t feel like paying that $8 a month? Then your tweets will be suppressed by an algorithm, says Musk.

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Twitter goes wild with celebrity parody accounts after introducing blue Twitter checks

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