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Is expanding now Masterpieces Its portfolio with many new products in the field of wall and ceiling design. In addition, the functions always correspond to a stylish and modern look, because: the upholstery is a thing of the past!

The new group SP 800 Felt offering real added value to the customer. The acoustic panel absorbs 35% of the sound in the room (absorption class D according to DIN EN 11654) and thus creates a pleasant atmosphere, especially in modern living environments where there are few curtains and other textiles. To take full advantage of this sound-absorbing effect, it is sufficient to provide part of the wall or ceiling with these panels. Available in five modern colors – for a perfect overall image, each color is complemented by identical felt molding (corner hood molding and cap molding). The SP 800 also performs well in terms of sustainability. The surface with vegetable felt is made from recycled materials (100% for grayscale, 50% for olive and brown) and can be fully recycled after use.

the group MeisterPanels.craft 500 EP Stand for an authentic and unique wall and ceiling design with real wood veneer. A solid, traditional character is created thanks to two deeply printed expressive structures (“synthetic wood” and “antique”). The panels have a size of 700 x 160 mm and can be installed both horizontally and vertically. It is suitable for a small area as a distinctive feature, but also for an entire wall or ceiling. Due to the small size, not only individual panels can be handled easily, but also a rich range of colors can be brought in and thus a great diversity in the room.

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There is much more to say about these new paintings Masterpieces And also about the terra group. Read more about this in this a tool. Meister is provided by wholesalers, among others Heditex.


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