Pakistan Implements Stricter Measures on Illegal Immigration: In light of security concerns, mirroring the US discourse – Fox News

Title: Pakistan Cracks Down on Afghan Immigrants Amid Terrorism Concerns

BaltimoreGayLife – Pakistan’s government recently initiated a crackdown on illegal immigrants, primarily affecting Afghan nationals who escaped Afghanistan during the Taliban’s takeover. The government asserts that this move is imperative due to concerns over terrorism, drawing parallels to the current debate in the United States regarding a potential link between illegal immigration and violence.

Commencing on Wednesday, the crackdown began after a November 1 deadline for illegal immigrants to voluntarily leave the country. Pakistani authorities have attributed crimes such as smuggling and militant attacks, including suicide bombings, as compelling reasons for ramping up deportation efforts.

Statistics suggest that between 8,000 and 10,000 Afghans are leaving for Afghanistan every day, with over 140,000 individuals having already departed voluntarily. These levels highlight the dire circumstances faced by Afghan immigrants in Pakistan, caught between the fear of returning to a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and the pressure to leave the host country.

Human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, have expressed serious concerns about the targeting of migrants, especially those awaiting resettlement in other nations. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has also expressed alarm over Pakistan’s deportation announcement, emphasizing the need for countries to uphold their responsibility to protect refugees and asylum-seekers.

It is worth noting that Pakistan’s justification for the crackdown echoes concerns raised by Republican lawmakers in the United States, who have been vocal about the potential threat posed by terrorism and illegal immigration. Furthermore, some U.S. legislators have expressed reservations about the vetting process for Afghan immigrants being paroled into the country.

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In response to the situation, the Biden administration has extended temporary protected status for Afghan nationals already residing in the United States, providing them with protection against deportation. The White House spokesperson has emphasized the expectation that all nations, including Pakistan, should play their part in assisting refugees and asylum-seekers.

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar has voiced criticism against Pakistan’s deportations, denouncing them as a violation of the right to asylum and a death sentence for many Afghans subsequently targeted by the Taliban.

As the Pakistani government intensifies its efforts to tackle illegal immigration, particularly focusing on Afghan nationals, concerns continue to mount regarding the legitimacy and fairness of these measures. The situation requires ongoing attention and monitoring to ensure the protection of human rights and the well-being of those affected by these policies.

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