Palace not allowed to seek Megan’s help after suicidal thoughts – VNL

LOS ANGELES (ANP) – When he lived in the United Kingdom, things went so badly with Meghan that the wife of British Prince Harry no longer wanted to live. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired Sunday night in the United States, Megan said she wanted to get help, but was stopped by “the company”.

The Duchess of Sussex remembered how embarrassed she was about her mood and how difficult it was to admit it to her husband. As soon as she did, she pointed out to a senior official inside the palace that she wanted to seek professional help. However, he said it would not be a good look for the palace.

As the wife of a prince, she explained that she could not go to a hospital or clinic alone. “I could not. I could not order Uber at the palace, it would not work. You hand over everything: my passport, my driver’s license, my keys.”


Harry said he did not know what to do at the time and was suffering mentally and emotionally. “I think I was ashamed to admit it,” he said of his wife’s mental health issues. It will not be negotiable in his family. “There’s always the idea: that’s the way it is. We all have to deal with this pressure.”

Harry says he is sorry for his father Charles and brother William. He says his father and brother are detained at the Royal House. “It’s like I’m stuck in it without realizing it once. But they can not get out.”

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Despite the pity for his family’s condition, Prince said he was very disappointed in Windsor. They never supported him when he fell victim to racist attacks, Harry said. “There were many opportunities to help us, but no one in my family said anything about it.”

According to Prince Harry, his family is being weighed down by the pressure of the British media. “I am well aware of how much my family members fear that tabloids will turn against them,” said the Duke of Sussex, adding that there is an “invisible pact” between the family and the press, who need each other. He suggested that fear had prevented his family from taking action against racist stories about his wife and their family in the media.

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