Panic on a flight between Marrakech and Manchester (video)

February 22, 2022 – 5:50 pm – world

A TUI flight from Marrakech to Manchester was diverted to Glasgow last Friday due to Hurricane Eunice, which hit Europe hard. The passengers experienced one of the most terrifying moments of their lives.

Great fear for the passengers of TUI BY669 flight between Marrakech and Manchester last Friday. The scheduled flight departure from Marrakesh Airport at 12:05 pm and landing at Manchester Airport at 3:00 pm was delayed and the plane finally departed at 13:09. The pilot twice attempted to land in heavy winds and torrential rain before landing in snowy Glasgow, Scotland. An unidentified passenger from Bolton said: “On boarding, people were skeptical because there was a clear red weather warning. TUI decided to fly anyway.” daily mail

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“We were told to prepare for high winds and winds. People were really nervous and scared. There was a very turbulent wind. There was panic and people were screaming. Then the second descent began. We all knew what to expect, and it was 10 times worse. I saw people jumping in Their seats. Children and adults were vomiting. People had panic attacks. Strangers held hands and families bent over to hold hands. People were praying. It was just a terrifying experience.” Amazed rider.

The plane finally landed at Glasgow Airport around 5.30pm. “It was the worst airline flight I’ve ever had, and everyone was thinking about that too. A kid asked his parents, ‘Are we going to die?'” ‘When they arrived, Glasgow was covered in snow. Travelers had to wait nearly three hours in the cold. There were supposed to be four buses to take passengers to Manchester, but not all were available.’ The Bolton passenger and his wife say they were lucky to find Taxi They arrived at their home in Bolton around 1 am.

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“We are aware that as a result of the Eunice TUI Airways storm, TOM669, has been diverted from Marrakech to Manchester to Glasgow because the safety of our crew is our top priority. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected diversion, we no longer have vehicles available to serve you to Manchester. We apologize to the affected customers and thank them for their patience. and understand them,” a TUI spokeswoman said.

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